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"Socket" error


"Socket Error 10060" appears when I am trying to use the Data Warehouse

Detailed Description

  1. Check you are on the latest version of Cashbook. You can do this by clicking on the Help About menu option and comparing the version number which is at the top of the window with the current version number that is listed on our website for Cashbook (Plus or Platinum, depending on which version you are using).                                                                                                      
  2. Check your anti-virus software. You could try either adding Cashbook as an exception (the software may have instructions on the internet on how to do this, or you can search for specific anti-virus software on this Knowledge Base) or disabling your anti-virus software while trying to use Data Warehouse. Please NOTE that disabling your anti-virus software will leave your computer unprotected until re-enabled.
  3. If neither of the above options work please contact Practical Systems.

Other common socket errors -

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