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Setting the SG Managment / Genetic Management Group


How do I set the SG Management Group (Sheep) or Genetic Management Group (Cattle) for animals? This can be done individually, or in bulk.

The SG Management Group (Genetic Management Group) is used to differentiate animals when performance recording (Breedplan or Sheep Genetics). It is also referred to as their 'Birth Group'.

Detailed Description

Step 1.

To individually change the SG Management Group (or GMG) of an animal, select the animal and click 'Edit'. To bulk change a group of animals, go to Step 3.

Step 2.

Add or edit the SG Management Group (GMG) and then click 'OK'

NOTE: The SG Management Groups needs to be a number between 1 - 9.

Step 3.

To bulk change the SG Management Group (GMG) of a group of animals. 

NOTE: A bulk change cannot be 'Undone'. Please ensure you do a backup before doing any bulk changes.

Filter for and Select the animals. Then go to 'Utility' "Bulk Changes' 'Basic Animal Details'.

Step 4.

Select Genetic / SG Management Group then put a number between 1 - 9 in the Management Group box. Click 'OK' to make the changes.

Step 5.

To Filter by SG Management Group (GMG) refer to the following Knowledgw Base Entry: Filtering by SG Management Groups (GMG) 

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