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Linking to the Products/Items register in invoices


How do I add an invoice that I want to link to the Product/Items Register?

Detailed Description

The process is very similar to adding transactions via the Cashbook, with the following differences.

Step 1.

Ensure that you have chosen to Update Products/Items as 'From Invoices':

  • Click on the Setup > Settings menu option
  • Click on the Transactions tab
  • Select 'From Invoices' for the Update Products/Items box


Step 2. 

Add a new invoice using the relevant Account Code that is linked to the Products/Items Register.

Step 3. 

In the Item Code or the Detail column, click on the down-arrow to access the Product/Item you wish to use.

Step 4.

Complete all the invoice details and then click on the OK button.

Note that product transactions will be added automatically if relevant.

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