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Downloading and Installing Stockbook for the First Time or onto a New Computer


How do I download and install Stockbook from the Practical Systems website for the first time or onto a new computer?

Detailed Description

Downloading for the first time


Please close any Practical Systems software that you may have open. If Practical Systems software is left open when trying to download/upgrade the process will NOT work.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Hover mouse over Client Support.
  • Click on Client Downloads.


Step 3

  • Enter your Practical Systems Client ID.
  • Enter your Password.

Step 4

  • Click on the blue link e.g. Stockbook 2020.3.0
  • Double click on the download file when it appears at the bottom left hand side of the screen to open.

Step 5

  • The software will now download. This process will differ depending upon the different internet browsers, versions of Windows and which anti-virus software is being used. Once the software has downloaded a prompt should appear asking if you would like to Run the file Select Run.

NOTE: If the prompt does not appear automatically, go to your internet downloads page and double click on the software download to continue the upgrade process

  • Click Yes to the User Acount Control message: 'Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?'
  • Click on the Next button.


  • Click on the I accept the agreement radio dial.
  • Click on the Next button.


  • Click on the Next button.


  • Click on the Next button.


  • Click on the Install button.


  • Click OK to the following Information message:


  • Click Finish to end.


  • Stockbook should now be installed onto your computer. If any problems occur, please contact Practical Systems.


Step 6: Register your program 

  • When the Stockbook installation is complete, double click on the Stockbook icon on your Desktop

  • The Register Now window will appear:
    • Enter your Client ID and Password.
    • Click on the Register Now button.

If you have skipped this window by clicking on Go to Demo, you will need to register your program using the following steps:

  • Note: You can not register your program if you are in Demonstration. Click on File Other Databases Default Database menu option.)
  • Click on the File > Registration menu option.
  • Enter your Client Id.
  • Click on Register NOW!


  • Click on the Yes button to the Confirm message:


  • In the Website Password window, enter your password (usually your first name).
  • Click on the OK button.

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