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Export calf registrations to a breed society


How do I export calf registrations from Stockbook to a breed society?

Detailed Description

Step 1

  • Search for the animals you wish to register using the filter options.
  • Click on the  OK button.
  • Select All of these animals so that they are highlighted in Green (Like this)

Step 2

  • Click on the  File > Export Options > Calf Registrations menu option.


Step 3

  • Now you can set any of the following fields as required by your society.
  • Each of the following fields has a drop down list that is visible when you click on the field:
  • Dam Fate 
  • Calf Fate 
  • Register


Step 4

If there are any females that have not calved but whose society status or calf fate status you want to send to the society:

  • Click on the Add Dams button
  • Select the required Dams from the list.
  • Click on the OK button.


Step 5 

If there are Dams you wish to remove from the list to be exported:

  • Click on the Dam in the list to highlight
  • Click on the Remove Dam button
  • Click on the Yes button


Step 6 

When the animal selection has been finalised for export

  • Click on the Export button.

Step 7 -

  • Select the location you wish to export the file to in the Export To File field.
  • Select the Start of current joining season in the drop down box. 
  • Click on the OK button


Step 8

  • If you haven't entered a date for the start of current joining season, you will be asked if you want to omit the current joinings from the export
    • If you want to enter a date, click on the No button and you will be returned to Step 8
    • If you want to proceed without entering a start of the current joining date:
    • Click on the Yes button
    • Click on the OK button


Step 9

  • Note the location of the saved file so that it can be exported to the society at a later date
  • Click on the Yes button


Step 10

  • Click on the Yes button


Step 11

  • The following report will be generated, which is only for your records (not to be sent to the society)
  • You can choose to either Print, Save or Close this report by clicking on the appropriate button


Step 12

  • Click on the OK button
  • Your calf registrations are now ready to be sent to the society from the location in which the file was saved in Step 10


NOTE: If you would like to send Calf Registrations to a Breed Soceity via email. You need to have first set up your Breed Society's details by going to the 'Setup' menu and selecting 'Society Details'

NOTE: It is important that the file  Regos.dat file is not opened after it has been created. Opening this file will alter the way it is formatted and the society will not be able to read it.

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