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How do I find all progeny for a selected group of females?

Detailed Description

Step 1

  • Select (or filter and select) the females for which you require a progeny list.

Step 2

  • Click on the User Lists toolbar option, to create a new user list.

Step 3

  • Create a new user list, then click on the Get Progeny button.


Step 4

  • Click on the Yes button to confirm the replacement list
  • The progeny of the females will now be listed in the selected User List.
  • Select the Cancel/Exit button


Step 5

  • Click on the  Filter tab on the top right of screen.

Step 5

  • Filter for this years drop, and the user list



Note that for any animal selected on the main animal list, you can always click on the Progeny tab to see a list of that animal's progeny.

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