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How do I print address labels from my customer list?

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Step 1

Click on the Debtors toolbar option.


Step 2

Click on the Reports tab, then click on the Mailing labels report on the left-hand side.


Step 3

Select to sort the printed labels by either name or postcode

Step 4

Select which customers you need to print labels for, either:

a. All customers – every customer in Debtors
b. Active customers - every customer that is listed as Active (will exclude any who you have marked as Inactive)
c. Selected customers – you can select the individual customers required by clicking and using the control and shift keys on the key board. 


Step 5

Choose the label format from the list.

If you would like a border around each label tick the box that says Print Label Borders, found at the bottom of the Label Type box. 

Note: It is recommended to print a test onto a piece paper before printing your addresses onto the labels. 


Step 6

After printing a trial page you may decide to make some changes to the alignment of the addresses. Click on the Align button and adjust the top, left or right margins according to your needs. 


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