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Creating a Multiple Sire group


When you are joining a group of sires to a mob of females, it is possible to set up a 'Multiple Sire Group' so that you have a record of which sires were used for that joining.

Detailed Description

Multiple Sire Groups allows you to represent a group of sires by one 'animal' in Stockbook. This allows for a multiple-joining situation for a group of dams, by just quoting the 'multiple sire' as the sire.

Step 1

  • Click on Setup > Multiple Sire Groups menu option. A list containing each currently defined active multiple sire group will be displayed. 


Step 2

  • Click on Add button.


Step 3


  1. Create an Identification for the group. (This is how you refer to this group of animals. It is the information that uniquely identifies this animal group in the system. Similar to an eartag) eg. 15W/HFRS
  2. Enter a Description for the group. (A short summary describing the purpose of using the Multiple Sire Group) eg. 2015 Wagyu Heifer Joining.
  3. Tick Pure if all the sires are exactly the same breed. If a group is marked as Pure, then as males are moved into and out of the list of "sires in group", the breed of the last male in the list is displayed as the breed of the group (Note: if you don't tick Pure, don't enter any information in the Breed and Breed % boxes, this is left blank as the resulting offspring will be either for example Angus or Brahman, not a crossbred animal). 


Step 4

  • Select the sires from the Available Sires list.

To add a new sire to the group, from the 'Available Sires' list, either double click on the sire you wish to form part of the group  or click on the sire to highlight and then click on the left-pointing hand. Repeat this process until you have all the Sires for your Multiple Sire Group listed in the Sires in Group box..

To remove a sire from the group, from the Sires in Group list, either double click on the sire or click on the sire to highlight and then click on the right-pointing hand.

Note: Only 'live' sires will show in the Available Sires List. If your sires are listed as semen or pedigree only, they will not be available to add in to a multiple sire group.

  • Enter an Alternate Id. (optional)

If you have a registered stud and will be registering the multiple sire group with your society, enter the Society ID that your society gave you for this multiple sire group. Or for sheep producers the SG ID from Sheep Genetics Australia. Refer to Sheep Genetics or your Breed Society for further information on the correct ID required. 

  • Click OK button to accept the data and prepare for a new entry, or click on Cancel/Exit to close the screen without any changes to the database.



  • Click Yes to Confirm message: ' You have specified that this group of sires has the same breeing. This breeding is WY(100%) Proceed?' (You will receive this message is you haven't ticked Pure)
  • Click on Cancel/Exit button to close window.

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