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Bulk Change - Basic Animal Details


When using Stockbook, sometimes the need arises to change a certain piece of information over an entire group of animals. To do this you should use the 'Bulk Changes' feature. This allows you to select a group of animals and change a piece of information for the entire group, without having to do each animal individually. 

How do I bulk change basic animal details?

Detailed Description

NOTE: A bulk change cannot be 'Undone'. Please ensure you do a backup before doing any bulk changes.

Step 1  

  • Select the animals to be changed
    • Main Animal Screen
    • Filter


Step 2

  • Select the Utilities > Bulk Changes > Basic Animal Details menu options


Step 3

  • Basic Animal Details 
    • Edit basic information (ie. Primary/Society Id, Sex, Birth Date,etc.)
    • Most of the bulk changes you can make require only a Date (such as Marking/Weaning Date) or new value (e.g Purchase Price $/kg)
    • If you are changing the Sex, please be aware that no checking is done (e.g. if some of the females selected have joinings recorded).
  • Select from the Choose an Option list the changes you want to make
    • A new area on the right side will appear where you can put in the new value for the change you are making.
  • Enter the new details


  • Click on the OK button


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