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Regular (or Recurring) Transactions Setup


How do I set up a recurring payment in Cashbook?

Detailed Description

Cashbook! provides a method of setting up regular transaction that can be processed automatically.

To setup a regular transaction/payment and be prompted to process this transaction, please complete the following:


Step 1

  • Click on the Setup > Settings menu option.


Step 2

  • Click on the Transactions tab.
  • Tick the box Prompt to display Regular Transactions due when program starts.
  • Click the OK button. 


Step 3

  • Click on the Setup > Suppliers and Customers menu option.


Step 4

  • Either,
    • Click on a supplier to select and then click on the Edit button. OR
    • Click on the Add button.


Step 5

  • In the Basic Details tab fill in all the applicable information necessary for the transaction.

For Example:



Step 6

  • Click on the Schedule tab.
  • Fill in the:
    • Frequency (ie weekly, monthly, etc).
    • Next Due Date.
    • Number Remaining.
  • Click on the OK button.

For Example:


Step 7

  • When you next open Cashbook and a payment is due, you will be prompted by the following message, click Yes:


  • You will automatically be taken to the Process Regular Transactions window.
    • Ensure the correct bank is selected..
    • Tick the Process check box next to the transaction.
    • Click on the Process button.
    • The transaction will automatically be added to Cashbook.


  • Click Yes to the Confirm message: ‘ Are you sure that you want to process the n selected transaction(s) to bank …?’
  • Click OK to the Information message: ‘Processing Complete’.


Note: This window can also be accessed by clicking on Transactions > Process Regular Transactions menu option.


Step 8

  • To check the transaction has worked and is correct:
    • Click on the Cashbook toolbar option.
    • Select the appropriate Bank Account.
    • Check that the transaction is in the list. 


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