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Setting up Society Details


One of the benefits of Stockbook is that you are able to register seed stock animals with breed societies. This Knowledge Base tip helps you through the process of setting up Stockbook to ensure that you are able to meet the respective cattle society requirements.

Detailed Description

Step 1

Go to Setup > Society Details

Step 2

If you have purchased the stud version of Stockbook, you will need to fill in your society details. If the correct society is not already showing, click on the dropdown list next to Choose a Society and select the required society, e.g.: Angus Aust.

After you have selected the society from the dropdown list, the Society Name will then appear.

Step 3

Add in the Society Email address. This will be used for any communication with the society in terms of electronic movement of registration details.

Step 4

Add the Herd Ident. These characters are allocated to you by your society, e.g. AAA, and are used as the first part of the primary Id of any new animal that you enter into your system. Options with Herd Ident include:

  1. auto calculate Society Ids = selecting this will cause these characters to automatically display in the primary Id. for new animals
  2. if approporate tick the box next Tick this box if the birth year is based on the financial year, i.e. the new year begins 01/07.
  3. It may be that your on-farm primary Id for each animal is not the same as that allocated by your society. If this is the case, turn off this option by ticking the box that says Tick this box if you use Society Ids. as your on-farm tags. You will then need to enter a society Id for each new animal entered. If you don’t do this, the sire and dam identifications will be unknown when you create progeny registrations to send to your society.
  4. If you wish to remove the zeros from the front of the Primary Id that was entered  on the current animal list, tick the box titled Remove leading zeros when calculating animal name, tattoo and Society Id. Sometimes it is useful to see all the animals in tag order. To do this, filler zeros must be added at the front of lower number animals (eg 001, 002). The society however will more than likely not be able to use that system and the zeros must be removed before sending data.

NOTE: if you want to include one or more spaces at the end of your chosen characters the last space should be replaced by a ? (Eg AA? will represent the identification AA 123).

Step 5

If relevent include a Membership Number. This will allow correspondance between Breedplan and your society via this number; otherwise the Herd Ident. will be used. 

Step 6

Add appropriate Animal Name Prefix if allocated by your breed society. These are normally used as the first part of the name of any new animal that you enter into your system, e.g. GLEN FORRES.

Step 7

Select a Breed, e.g. Angus

Step 8

Click OK to save changes. You will then be asked if you want to change details for another society. If so, click Yes and choose another society. If not, click No.

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