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How to Save an Excel File as a CSV File


How do I save an excel file as a CSV file?


NOTE: Always create a copy of a .csv file before opening to avoid loss of data

Detailed Description

If you are importing data from excel into Stockbook the file must be in a Comma Delimited file otherwise known as a .csv file. 

NOTE: If you have long numbers in your file (e.g. Sheep Genetics ID or EID’s) it is important not to reopen the file after it has been saved as a CSV.

Step 1

Open up the excel file. Make any necessary changes that need to be made to the data before you save it as an CSV file (e.g. adding leading zeros to a number, changing the format of a number or altering the headings.)

Step 2

  • Click on the File > Save As menu option.
  • Select a File Path to save the file. (eg Documents or Desktop)
  • Enter a File Name
  • Select the CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) menu option
  • Click on the Save button




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