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Add hip height trait and automatically generate frame score


How do I add a Hip Height trait and have it automatically calculate the frame score?

Detailed Description

Step 1

  • Firstly you will need to make sure that your traits are set up correctly.
  • Click on the Setup > User options menu option


Step 2

  •  Select the Options tab
  • Make sure the Calculate frame score when hip height entered is ticked


Step 3

  • Click on the Setup > Performance > Traits menu option


Step 4

  • Edit the Hip Height trait by double clicking on it
  • Alternatively, select the Hip Height, then click on the Edit button

NOTE: If the Hip Height trait doesn't appear, you may need to select Include Inactive in the Subjective Traits (Setup > Performance > Traits)


Step 5

  • Make sure that the "Value" box is ticked under Live Data Entry/Import Options.

  • Find Hip Height and edit the trait
  • Untick the Inactive box to make it active again.


Step 6

  • Go to the main animals screen
  • Select the animal you wish you edit by double clicking
  • Select the Trait field at the bottom of the screen


Step 7

  • Click on the Add button to add a new trait


Step 8

  • Select the Hip Height option from the drop down menu


Step 9

  • Enter in the required data (see example below)
  • Click on the OK button


Step 10

  • Confirm Yes to the pop up message regarding recoring the Frame Score measurement


Step 11

  • The Frame Score trait and measurement will automatically be calculated




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