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Printing pay slips


How do I print multiple payslips for an employee over an extended date range?

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Step 1

Click on the Payroll toolbar button.


Step 2

Click on the Reports tab and then select the Pay Slip report.


Step 3

Select the employees for whom yo wish to print pay slips.


Step 4

Select from the Date Period Selector which date period you would like to print.


Step 5

If you select Custom, then you can choose the date range you wish to print in the Period From drop down box.


Step 6

Click on the Print button when you have selected the date range.


Step 7

Click on the Print icon to send to your printer.


Note - To show the leave accrued on the pay slip. Go to Payroll > Employees Tab > select the employee > go to the leave records tab and tick the box saying "Show leave on pay slip using description". 




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