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Importing ASBV's


Importing  ASBV's

Detailed Description

Step 1

Download the ASBV file form the Sheep Genetic website.

Login with Sheep Genetics User Id and Password

Go to the top right corner of the webpage and click on tools and go to downloads

Step 2

Click on the .ZIP file > This will be downloaded to your downloads folder

Step 3

You will need to open the .ZIP file to locate the .DBF that will be used for the ASBV import process. You will need to enter Sheep Genetics Password for the ASVB program - which you should be able to locate on an email in the subject line from Sheep Genetics. 

Step 4

Go to File > Import Options > Sheep Genetic File



Step 5

Locate the .DBF which is the most recent file that has been downloaded into the file location on your computer file from Step 3


Step 6

Select the type of ASBV's you are importing. 

Select a User Index if applicable, from the drop down menu,

Select Update sire and dam from SG file if applicable.

Once you have selected all appropriate options, click the Import File button to begin importing ASBV's






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