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Bulk Change - Delete Weights


How do I bulk delete weights (recorded on the same day) for selected animals?

Detailed Description

NOTE: A bulk change cannot be 'Undone'. Please ensure you do a backup before doing any bulk changes.

Step 1

  • Select the animals for which you wish to delete the weights.
  • Click on the Utility menu option.


Step 2

  • Click on the Bulk Changes > Delete Obs/Change Dates, Mgt. Grp, Stage Code, Flock menu option.


Step 3

  • Select the Data Type as 'Weight'.
  • Select the Change Type as 'Delete Observations'
  • Click the Current Date drop down arrow to choose the date on which the weights you wish to delete were recorded.
  • Click on the OK button.

Step 4

  • Click on the Yes button to confirm the deletion.

Step 5

  • Click on the OK button to finish.

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