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How to connect Gallagher HR5 Reader


How do I connect my Gallagher HR5 Reader?

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How to connect to bluetooth via a Blue Soleil USB dongle

Step 1 - 

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon (in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen).
    • ​​


  • Right click on your Reader icon


Step 2 - 

  • Right click on the Globe icon and select Search Devices.


Step 3 -

  • Within the reader go to Bluetooth within the main Menu.


Step 4 - 

  • Right click on the GGL HR5 reader icon and select Pair. 
  • Note: The password is 0000.


Step 5 - 

  • Right click on the GGL HR5 reader icon and select Search Services.


Step 6 - 

  • Right click on the GGL HR5 reader icon and select Connect Bluetooth Serial Port.

How to connect your reader via Serial cable

Step 1 - 

  • Plug the serial cable into the reader, and then plug the USB end of the serial cable into the computer USB port.
  • When the reader is connected to the computer the screen should light up aswell as the reader making a 'beep' sound and vibration. 


How to connect the reader to Stockbook

Once the reader is connected to the computer you will then need to follow these steps in order to connect it to Stockbook.


Step 1 - 

  • Once the reader is connected to the computer Open your Stockbook program. Once the program is open and running click on Live entry along the top bar.

(Note: If you are just using Stockbook, without Live Entry, click on Electronic Id. > Setup menu option, then go to Step 3.)


Step 2 - 

  • Once in the Live Entry screen is open click on the Device Setup option in the bottom right hand corner.


Step 3 -

  • Within the Device Discovery screen select the Gallagher HR4/5 option within the Reader 1 box, click on Find my reader/scales/barcode/drafter, this will search for the device.
  • Stockbook will find your device if it is discoverable. If your device is non-discoverable, you will need to manually setup that device.
  • If it is discoverable, a green light will appear beside it.


  • If it is non-discoverable, it will not be found and a red light will appear beside it. See below.



Step 4 -

  • Once your device has been discovered and is connected, you can test that it is working properly by clicking on the Test button in the bottom right corner of the Reader 1 box.
  • In the case of an EID Tag Reader, if you click on Test and then read an EID Tag, the EID number of that tag will appear in the Test box. 


  • If nothing appears in the test box, the device (reader in this case) is not connected properly. Refer to Manual Setup for Devices or contact Practical Systems for more help.



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