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Stockhand App: What can I do in the Data Entry Screen?


What does the Data Entry Screen allow me to do? 

Detailed Description

See the below steps on how to reach the data entry screen and what each feature allows you to do.

Step 1: Press Data Entry from the home screen.

Once you have clicked on data entry the following screen will appear. From here you can choose what type of data entry you want to do. See below for a description on what each task allows you to do. 

Step 2: Select the Tasks that you want to do and press Start.

Step 3: Name your session and press Ok.

Step 4: Identify the animal in which you want to add data against. If you press on the VID section you can type in the number of the animal you wish to enter (view screenshot below)

Entering Visual ID:



Once you have entered the Visual ID of the animal you want to add data for you can then start entering the data. See below some details on what each task allows you to do. 

Weigh Animal: This screen allows you to enter a weight for an animal. Here you can enter a weight, observation code and management group. Click Click here for Setup and here for more information. 

Assigning a Temporary ID: Here you are able to assign an arbitrary ID to an animals and link that ID to the animals unique visual or electronic ID. Click here for Setup and here for more information

Mother-up & Birth Details:This feature allows you to enter in Birth details including; DOB, Sex,Colour,Horn, No. in Birth, Birth Ease. Click here for more information.

Add Treatment: Here you able to add treatments for animals. Details such as product, the batch number, quantity, the adminstation date and add any notes agaisnt the tag. Click here for more information.

Pregnancy Scan: In this entry panel you can can record preg. testing results agaisnt animals.

QA/Vendor Declaration: This event allows you to tie all animals from a particular sale to the one sales QA (quality assurance) sale record.

Add to user list(s): This feature allows you to edit, add or remmove animals from certain user lists,

Induction details: The induction feature allows you to bring in all information on a new animal. 

Scanning: The scanning data entry panel allows you to record various different scanning types against any chosen animal on the database

Trait template: This allows trait data to be recorded for traits, this is done against trait templates that need to be setup in Trait Template setup.

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