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1a. SuperStream


How do I manage SuperStream contributions from within Cashbook?

Detailed Description

Please note that before you can make SuperStream contributions, you will need to set up your employer and employee details correctly in Cashbook.


This function is accessed by clicking on the Payroll toolbar icon, then select the SuperStream tab.

From SuperStream tab you can: 

  • Register your employer details with SuperChoice. All employers who wish to use Cashbook for making SuperStream contributions will need to register with SuperChoice beforehand (Note: SuperChoice is the company Practical Systems has engaged to provide SuperStream clearing house facilities for Cashbook.)

  • Select Default Super payment account. (All SuperStream superannuation payments will automatically be allocated to this as a preselected "default" account code when recording a cashbook transaction for the superannuation contribution payment, if you elect to do this)

  • View SuperStream Payment History.

  • Add a contribution via SuperStream in Cashbook.

  • View Details of an individual Supertream Payment submitted via SuperStream in Cashbook.

  • Click on the Home button to go to the Employees window.

  • Click on the Close button to close out of Payroll.


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