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Stockbook® 2021.0.1 Upgrade Changes

Detailed Description

Stockbook® 2021.0.1 contains the following changes over the previous release:


  • Society setup has been changed to a stud setup. This allows you to have more than one stud belonging to any particular society. Refer to this Knowledge Base article for more information
  • Added EU status to animals. The EU status can be displayed on the main animal list and can be filtered upon.
  • More than one paddock movement can be done on the same day without the ordering of those movements being affected in the movement list. The movements still need to be done in the order that they occurred.
  • Updated Sheep Genetics export so that the mating data being exported is for the year selected, rather than the mating related to the animals born in the selected year.
  • Improved the performance of the Sheep Genetics export.
  • Updated some of the Sheep Genetics default names.
  • More changes to the DNA test request area to provide better usability, including the bulk delete of samples, test requests and result.
  • You can now add multiple planned joinings into Stockbook.
  • Improved the herd transfer function to increase speed and allow the merging of animals with the same Id. when brining data back in.
  • Animal owner now (optionally) visible on on the animal list.
  • Animal's society registration status now (optionally) visible on on the animal list. It can also be filtered on.
  • Importing and changing the sire or dam of an animal will now produce a warning.
  • Agisted animal can now be disposed of (only death, not sold).
  • Owner can now be bulk changed/set.
  • Fixed issue with JBS xml import where weights were not getting calculated correctly because of a change in format.


Live Entry

  • Society grade can now be entered in Live Entry
  • Drafting setups can now be saved and loaded separately to the data entry template. Allows you to change the draft template on the fly.
  • An animal can now be drafted on scanning marble, colour, society colour, mating type, product used, last join type, last join planned, second last join sire and second last join type.
  • Wet/dry can be entered without the need to be entering pregnancy test data.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with note filtering by date where it did not work as expected.
  • Fixed some issues that occur when changing the LE entry date. Kept asking you if you want to change the date before you have actually completed setting the data.
  • Fixed issue with projected weight report where the animal count for animals in weight range was being doubled when the report was printed or exported. 
  • Fixed bug where when adding a new tag to an existing animal would cause it to require 2 saves.
  • Fixed issue where switching between adding a new eid and assigning an eid to an existing animal would cause leave you without a save button to save the animal.
  • Fixed issue with speckle park society where society status was using sheep statuses.
  • Fixed issue with highlight not always working.
  • Fixed issue where DNA sample could not be left blank even if allow blank option selected in template.


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