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Entering Sale Prices & Disposal Reason


How do I add a sale price or disposal reason for one or more animals?

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NOTE: This will step you through manually recording sale details in Stockbook. If you would like to import sale details from file, please refer to Importing CSV Files:

Step 1 - Animal Selection


Step 2 - Navigate to Disposal

  • Click on the Events button
  • Select the Disposal: 2): Sale/Death/Disposal menu option
  • Click on the OK button


Step 3 - Individual Disposal Event

  • If you want to enter the price and infomation for each animal individually tick the Process animals individually box. (If you don't wish to do each animal individually or only have one animal go to Step 4)
  • Click on the Yes button 


Step 4 - Group Disposal Event

  • Enter the Date the animal/s were Sold/Disposed
    • ​​


  • Select the disposal Reason from
    • the drop down list, OR
    • click on the + button to add a new Reason.


  • Select the Sale/Disposal Type from the available options


  • Select the Buyer from
    • the drop down list, OR
    • click on the button to add a new Buyer


  • Select the Price format from the available options (either $/Head or cents/Kg.)
  • Enter the Price in the correct format that has been selected (ie. in $/Head [$1500.00 =1500] or in cents/Kg [$1.80 = 180])


  • Enter the Sale No. (if required)


  • Select the Venue from the drop down list, OR
  • Click on the + button to add a new Venue


  • Select the Society Fate from the drop down list (Stud versions only)


  • Tick the box for the following options (if required)
    • Sell Young at foot
    • Sale to Feedlot
    • Add Sale Weights


  • Enter the Group Selling Costs (if required)


  • Click on the OK button


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