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Add Animal Template in Live Entry


How to set up and save a new Add Animal Template in Stockbook Live Entry?

Detailed Description

Add Animal Templates are used when the animal does not exist in Stock Book.

Data Entry Templates are use when animals have already been entered into Stock Book.

These instructions are for adding a new Add Animal template, there is a separate entry for Data Entry Templates. It is best to set these up before you are in the yards to ensure they work and to save time.

Add Animal templates are used when adding new animals through Live Entry.

Step 1.

  • Click on the Live Entry toolbar icon to open.


Step 2.

  • Click on down arrow  to select an Activity from the drop down list. You are provided with three default activities for Induction, Preg Test and Weighing. These default activities have data entry and quick add templates pre-set for the particular activities. 
  • Click on the START LIVE ENTRY button.


Step 3.

  • Click on Setup > Add Animal Template menu option.


Step 4.

In the Add Animal Template Setup window:

  • In the Available Options column tick the check box beside each Field you wish to include in your template, 
  • The Selected Options will be shown on the right of the screen.
  • Once you have selected the fields, click OK to save.


Some Hints: 

  • Quite a few of these fields will hold the entered information for each animal.
  • Move the fields around so that the ones that need updating every time are near the top.
  • You can turn on a Session Default that will auto-increment the ID's by 1 each time. Click here for more information.
  • If the animals you are handling are all new animals, you can choose to add weights and other data into the Add Animal section. If you have a mix of new and existing animals, then only add life data about the new animals in the Add Animal section, You will need to add weights etc into the Data Entry panel. Click here for more information on setting up your Data Entry Panel.
  • If you are adding new calves or lambs and are mothering up, please click here for more information.

Step 5.

To add a new animal scan the animals EID tag with your reader. Note: If you are not using a scanner click Add. 



Step 6.

After you Save a new animal, the Data Entry screen will appear again. If you are adding data here, do so and then save that data, if you are just adding new animals, you can scan a new EID tag, or click Quick Add again.

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