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Recording an Asset Purchases


How do I record the purchase of an asset?

Detailed Description

Click on the following Knowledge Base item link:  Adding an Asset account and Balance Sheet Linked accounts, to make sure you have the correct account codes necessary to record the purchase of an Asset.

Step 1.

  • Click on the Cashbook toolbar option.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Click Yes to the Confirm message: ' Do you want to enter transactions for "Bank Account", in the file "Company ABC"?


Step 2.

In the Add Transactions window:

  • Type - Payment
  • Date -
  • Reference - EFT, BPAY etc
  • Paid To - name of supplier e.g. John Deere Financial
  • Gross Amount Including GST - amount paid
  • Dissection Details
    • Code - account code of purchase account 
    • Enterprise - optional
    • Quantity - optional
    • Note - name of fixed asset purchase
    • Click on the tab key - this will take you to the Fixed Asset register.


Step 3.

Note: Adding an item to the Fixed Asset Register is only applicable to those on Level 4.

  • Enter details.

Note: value of asset does not include GST (net).

For example:

  • Click OK to save.
  • Click OK to save transaction.

Click on the following Knowledge Base link for Setup loan accounts to finance an asset purchase.



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