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Changing EID's of existing animals (in the case of lost tags) manually


How do I enter new/replacement EID's to existing animals?

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The easiest and most efficient way to change the EID's of an existing animal/s is via Live Entry because it is automatic.

To manually change the EID of an existing animal, not in Live Entry:

  • Ensure that your have imported a tag bucket file into Stockbook. (When you purchase your tags, you can request your supplier to provide you with a disk or an email file, containing NLIS ID's and related EID's, or you can obtain a list directly from the NLIS database.)
  • This will ensure that a list of all unallocated tags are entered into Stockbook. An unallocated tag is normally a tag linked to an electronic Id. and corresponding NLIS Id., that represents an animal not yet entered into Stockbook.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are doing this process manually, it is imperative to take a record of the NLIS ID that you are changing to. You will need this number to identify the tag from the unallocated tag list. 

You will also need to record the primary/visual ID of the animal, so that you can search for this animal by identification.

Assume that the new EID tag has an NLIS Id. of NB02032XSK00440 and the corresponding Tag No. is 140440, and this tag is listed in the Unallocated Tag List. (See. Electronic Id. > Unallocated Tag List menu option).


  • Click on the Animals icon of toolbar.
  • In the Search For Animal box, type in the identification number of the animal who is having its ear tag replaced.


  • Click on the animal to select.
  • A dark green background means that you have selected the animal.
  • Click on the Edit button.
  • Type in the new Tag no. (ie 140440) in the Alternate Id. box.
  • Click on the OK button.


  • Click Yes to the Confirm message: This animal now links to a new electronic Id. in the unallocated tag list. Do you want to replace the existing RFId and NLIS Id. with the new one?'
  • Click Yes to Confirm message: ' You have changed either the Electronic or the NLIS Id. Do you want to record this change so that the NLIS database can be notified?'

To view the change:

  • Click on Edit button.

Note: the new corresponding EID and NLIS Id. have been automatically updated for this animal. (This Tag No./EID/NLIS ID. will no longer show on the Unallocated Tag List.)

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