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Importing Tag Bucket Files


How do I import tag bucket files into Stockbook?

Detailed Description

See the following link on how to download a tag bucket file from NLIS.


Step 1

Go to the Electronic Id > Establish EID link from Reader/Tag Bucket menu option.


Step 2

Select the appropriate Bucket Type you have received. 


Step 3

If you have received the tag bucket file from the NLIS database you must remove the header for the import to work. To do this, simply tick the check box next to ‘Remove Header’


Step 4

To create a Visual Id from the NLIS number please see the following link on creating Visual Id's.


Step 5

Click on the Import from Tag Bucket button.


Step 6

Browse until you find the tag bucket file, select that file and click Open to load the file into the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Records from the tag bucket will not be displayed if the associated Electronic Id is already on file. 

Step 7

The default Visual Id that is linked to the Electronic Id can be changed if you wish. Simply type the required tag number into the VID column opposite the correct EID.

Step 8

Highlight the tags you wish to save/update.

Now you can either Update Existing Animals or Save to Unallocated Tag List depending on your needs.


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