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Data Hosting - Invitations


Setup > Data Hosting > Invitations menu option.

Detailed Description

This function is accessed by clicking on the Setup > Data Hosting menu option, then click on the Invitations tab.

In the Invitations window you can:

  • View a list of Invitations you have sent to other Cashbook users but have not been accepted. (see below)
  • Tick the Show Accepted/Expired Invitations to show all invitations you have sent, including those that have and have not been accepted by other Cashbook Users.
  • Add an invitation - this invitation will be sent to another Cashbook user inviting them to share a selected hosted companies.
  • Edit an invitation - you can't edit an invite that has already been accepted. (view only)
  • Delete an invitation - you can't delete an invite that has already been accepted.
  • Enter Code - this is used to manually accept an invitation you have been emailed. (Invite Code appears on the Accept Invite email.) 

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