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SuperStream - Employer/Company Details Setup


How do I set up Employer Details for SuperStream?

Detailed Description

Before you can submit a superannuation payment via SuperStream, the following employer information must be enter: 


Step 1: Enter all organisation information details.

(Note: Business Name, ABN (Australian Business Number), Contact Details - Contact name, Telephone Number, Email must be provided.)

  • Click on the Setup > Setting menu option.


  • In the Company tab section:
    • Enter all business information.
    • Click on the OK button to save.

For Example:


Step 2: Enter bank account details and set bank as the default SuperStream Account.

  • Click on the Chart toolbar option.
  • Click on the Banks tab.
  • Click on the bank account super contributions will be paid out of, to select. (Note: selected bank will be highlighted blue.)  
  • Click on the Edit button.

In the Edit Chart of Accounts window enter:

  • EFT Details section:
    • Payer name - name of the bank account as shown on your bank statement. 
    • BSB Number - as shown on your bank statement. 
    • Bank Account No.: - as shown on your bank statement. 
  • Optional Information section:
    • Tick the SuperStream Account check box, to set this bank account as your default account for SuperStream contribution payments. 
  • Click the OK button to save.





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