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SuperStream - Employee Details Setup


How do I set up Employee Details for SuperStream in Payroll?

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Before you can submit a superannuation payment via SuperStream, the following employee information must be enter: 

Step 1 - Ensure all mandatory employee details are entered for each of your employees (employee name, sex, date of birth, residential address, contact telephone number) 

  • Click on the Payroll toolbar icon.
  • Click on the Employees tab.
  • Click on an employee to highlight.
  • Click on the Select Employee button.
  • Click on Employee Details tab.
    • Name: full First Name, then Surname. e.g. Bill Farmer. 
    • Address: residential address must enter.
    • Contact Details: e.g. Telephone, Mobile, Email.
    • Note: You must enter either a Telephone and/or Mobile number and an email address.
    • Status: e.g. Permanent, Casual
    • Date Commenced: must enter the date the employee commenced working for your business.
    • Birth Date: must enter employee's date of birth.
    • Gender: must enter. e.g. Male.
    • For instructions on how to set up accounts to Add Pay Transaction to Cashbook click on this link.
  • Click OK to save.



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