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Fast Build Pedigree Tree


When building your animal list, you may require a full pedigree history to be also on file for each animal added. Stockbook provides a convenient method of doing this.

Detailed Description

We recommend that you place all your current animals on file first (oldest to youngest, via the add single animal or add multiple animals options), and then add the pedigree details last. Once all pedigree details have been added, it is advisable to archive all the pedigree animals - see archiving animals.

To add pedigree details, select the Utility Fast Build Pedigree Tree menu option


Carry out the following steps to fill in your pedigree tree:

  1. Select the animal whose pedigree you need to fill in. Animals must exist in Stockbook to be added to the tree. If you need to add an animal, add it as a pedigree only animal. See this Knowledge Base on Pedigree Only Animals and how to add them to Stockbook. 
  2. Fill in as much of the ancestry as known, starting at the immediate sire and dam, by typing in, or by selecting an animal from the dropdown lists (you can search for identifications when each list is dropped down):
    • an identification 
    • a name (optional)
    • a tattoo number (optional)
    • date of birth (optional)
  3. If a chosen sire or dam already has parentage assigned then that will automatically reflect in the pedigree tree
  4. Click OK. The software will check for gaps in the pedigree tree. If there are no errors then the complete pedigree tree will be saved on file. Each new animal added to the pedigree tree will be given the breed of original animal. If this breed is incorrect for any animal, it can be changed individually using Edit on the Animal screen. 

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