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Stockbook 2019.1.0 Upgrade Changes

Detailed Description

List of changes made to Stockbook Version 2019.1.0 :


  • Added the ability to filter the animal list for purchased animals by vendor declaration number and/or vendor PIC. Refer to article -
  • Added the ability to filter the animal list on treatment history. Refer to article -
  • Added a stats button on the Unallocated Tag List screen which allows you to see what tags you have on hand grouped by PIC and type. You can also expand the view to see the individual tags.
  • Animal details can now be imported by linking the animal to either it's Recip Dam or ET Embryo ID. It will look for either the Embryo ID or an embryo currently inutero to that recipient. Refer to article -
  • Notes and lot numbers can now be imported into sale catalogues. There is no limit to the length of the notes. The import file must contain the sale catalogue name as one of the imported columns.
  • Altered the Sheep Genetics export to allow the user to select sending either the animals or mating data, or both. Also the animal export can be done just on selected animals.
  • You can now end a joining for ALL females to a sire (or a number of sires), by selecting the sire(s) and doing a sire out joining event.
  • The trading report now contains a summary report option.
  • A utility has been added to calculate the adult equivalent rating of selected animals. This utility is also available through the purchase, sales and weights report. Refer to article -
  • Stockbook now includes pre-join mating information (weight and condition score "CS" trait) when exporting to Sheep Genetics.
  • Updated some of the descriptions for two new (replacing 2 superseded) indexes in the Sheep Genetics setup.
  • Added a DNA test request form for requesting a DNA analysis from breed societies. Refer to article -


Live Entry

  • Observation Code can now be set globally as an EID shortcut. Previously it could only be set for a weight.
  • Made the Live Entry startup screen smaller so that it could fit on the TSi's screen with the task bar showing.
  • The background colour of the ID box in Live Entry will display the highlight colour of the animal (the colour it is in the Stockbook animals list).
  • Live Entry session files are now stored within the database, so can be synced and viewed. To view the session select Activity | Sessions | View from within Live Entry. Note that sessions from previous versions appear in the list, but they will not have the session files attached.
  • Added a species selection box on the Live Entry startup screen in case the user wants to change which species they are currently using in Live Entry.
  • You can now draft animals in Live Entry based on the sire they were last preg tested to.
  • The messages window in Live Entry can now be hidden if you user does not wish to view any messages. Note that the window will still be displayed if an animal has been flagged.



  • Newly added animals in Stockhand will automatically be put in the same society/flock as the genetic dam. 
  • Users can now set a animals group and mob from within the birth details / mothering up screen. 
  • Stockhand now has the ability to do ad hoc treatments using the new treatment tool.
  • Stockhand now has the ability to add traits to an animal on the fly.
  • Animals that have been implanted (ET) or fostered will not appear on a dam's progeny list.
  • Alternate ID has been added to the list of ID fields by which you can search for an animal in Stockhand's animal screen.
  • Mobs in Stockhand are now sorted by mob code (instead of description) to match how they are displayed in Stockbook.


Miscellaneous Minor Changes

  • Removed the ability to select animals from within reports as the functionality was limited compared to the filtering available in the animal list.
  • Removed the ability to sell animals at foot when in a society. This is because each animal must have it's own disposal code, including registered animals at foot. 
  • A new label format has been implemented in the mailing label report in the contacts area. The new format is Avery L7160.
  • The size of the left and right carcase grade fields has been extended to 10 characters to allow the use of longer grade definitions. 
  • Email address has been added to the contacts listing report.
  • If animals are moved between properties on Stockbook that have the same PIC, the user will no longer be asked if they want to do the NLIS transaction.
  • Highlight colours now get synced between Agrisphere users.
  • Added a "Clear All" button to the sex filter to allow easy clearing of the filter.
  • Added the Genetic  / SG Management Group to the Master CSV export.
  • User defined dialog screens can now be used in user reports.


Bug Fixes

  • Some minor bug and usability fixes to using the user lists and specifically the Yards + and - buttons on the animal list.
  • Fixed an issue where selected traits were not saved when saving a master CSV export layout.
  • The draft gate counts when doing an auto draft on EID now displays correctly.
  • Stockhand weight imports will now update an animals last weight on the animals list.
  • Fixed issue where contact type was seen to be case insensitive when modifying it, but not when filtering the contact list.
  • Fixed issue in the fertility report where only the second animal born in a year to a particular dam would be displayed.
  • Fixed issue in Live Entry where if a product quantity was left blank it would cause an exception.
  • Fixed issue in the Pedigree Match Maker area where in certain circumstances, the wrong PMM files were used.
  • Fixed issue with the NAIT implementation where NAIT was supplying a "broken" WSDL document which was causing issues with our implementation.
  • Fixed issue with Expected Birth Dates report where the date was getting displayed as 1900 when it should have been blank.
  • Date Due not getting set against animal record when just preg week number used to set preg status has been fixed.



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