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Single Touch Payroll - Enable STP Reporting


How do I enable Single Touch Payroll Reporting?

Detailed Description

Step 1:

  • Click on the Payroll toolbar icon.
  • Click on the Single Touch Payroll tab.
  • Tick the Enable Single Touch Payroll check box in the bottom left of the screen.


Step 2:


  • Click Yes if you have already registered your business details with SuperChoice as part of the Single Touch Payroll setup, then go to Step 3
  • Click No if you have not registered yet. Clicking this will open a web page for you to register your business details. Click here for more information on this process.
  • Click Cancel if you don't want to enable Single Touch Payroll reporting at this time.


Step 3:

  • You will be prompted to enter your SuperChoice login details to confirm you have an active SuperChoice account.

Note: This is the username and password you used when you registered your business details with SuperChoice.


Step 4:

Single Touch Payroll is now enabled and ready to use.

Please see this article on How to fix Single Touch Payroll Setup Errors.

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