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Stockbook Version 2019.0 Changes

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List of changes made to Stockbook Version 2019.0:



  • Added the ability to file user lists into folders. This enables users with a large number of user lists to organise them and make them easier to find and work with. See
  • Added the ability to invert the filter selection of certain items in the animal list filter. This new filter option makes selecting animals even more powererful and flexible.  See
  • Added Spayed as a new sex type for animals in Stockbook.
  • The purchase weights utility now marks the animal as being purchased, sets it's purchase date and allows the user to optionally set it's purchase price in either $/head or c/kg.
  • IVF if now an option in joinings as well the mating type for animals.
  • In the ET module flushes can now dated prior to the join for IVF joins only.
  • Changed sex filters in animal filter screen from a radio group to checkboxes. Allows more selectability when filtering on sex.
  • Added the ability to import Breedplan's new CSV based EBV file format and added the extra fields to the "Set Standard Breedplan" function.
  • Added the ability to include/exclude et donor and recip progeny from the Female Breeding History report and the Fertility report.
  • Added horn and society horn to the animals list. You can now configure Stockbook to display both the horn and society horn status on the main animal list screen.
  • Changes have been made to the Trading report to allow the ability to exclude other costs from the trading report. Also added total sale and purchase weights to the report.


Live Entry


Miscellaneous Minor Changes

  • Added ability to disable editing of reports from within user access.
  • Made a small change to the undo disposal event as I think it may not always revert the status.
  • Added additional checking and warning messages around importing carcase data by body number.
  • Fixed issue where bug report was being displayed if user put a non numeric number into either the rate or per fields on the multi-treatment screen. Now just displays message.
  • Removed pregnancy tests and joinings from the new animal template in Live Entry. These items can only be done on existing animals.
  • Changed the vet sickbay admissions report to only show admissions between the selected date ranges.
  • Changed the joining summary report to select the last pregnancy test within the joining period.
  • Set the trait measure value to display to 2 decimal points.
  • Changed the was the login worked in the vet screen, so that if a vet is logged in and another vet logs in as scribe then the first vet stays assigned as the vet, rather than the new vet.
  • Refined the way the "locate last animal" works in the animals screen so that if an animal is disposed of it will jump to the next one.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in semen inventory where if you zero the on hand amount and then hit ok, it would cause an exception.
  • Set the ADG in the Live Entry progeny screen to 2 decimal points. Previously is would display the ADG to a large number of decimal points.
  • Fixed exception bug in Calving Event - Add Bulk Progeny where it would go to next dam even if it didn't exist.
  • SG export, changed CDATE to CMDDMM, CDATE is now carcase date and not conception date.
  • Fixed issue where the pregnancy test items were not respecting the clear on next setting in the template edit in Live Entry.
  • Fixed a small issue in the vet screen where if you click on the save tick and then cancel the login screen, it re-enabled the animal select drop down.
  • Fixed issue with weight performance report where if there was more than 4 weights within the user selected period, it would simply report on a random mix of weights (ie in no particular order). It will now show the first weight in the period and the last 3.
  • Fixed issue with embryo module where IVF joinings could not be selected when doing a flush.
  • Fixed master csv export where rib fat was incorrectly named P8 fat (rump fat)
  • Fixed up bug with photo area where images were being stretched rather than scaled. Also made the form sizable and the position saved.
  • Fixed some issues with the new autopsy section of the vet activity history report.
  • Fixed bug where add tag to existing animal was not working.
  • Fixed issue on vet screen history tab where RTF tick was not showing up and it appeared to allow users to change the tick boxes.
  • Fixed bug in purchased products screen where sorting (by column header click) wouldn't show all products.
  • Fixed issue with product use not getting taken off on hand amount.
  • Fixed small issue with printing the trading report in $/day order.
  • Fixed bug with vet deceased animals report where run with flock animals were not showing up in the report.
  • Fixed bug where EBV decimal points value was being assigned to the breed objects, rather than using the decimal point value assigned to the breed object.
  • Fixed bug in carcase report.
  • Fixed issue with the traits filters in the animal filter section.


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